How to inject insulin with vial and syrinje

With the introductrion of insulin pen injectors the use of vials and regular serinjes have become a loss skill.  It is still a relevant skill to have as insulin in vials are available without prescription and can be a lifesaving resource in emergency cases when your insulin is not at available.  
In the curerent economic environment the price of vials of some generic and long available formulations are a cost saving alternative. 

Start getting all toghether

Have your vial and syringe ready on a clean uncluttered surface.  You will also need alcohol swabs and a container to dispose of your used needles

Maintain the top clean

The first time using the vial flip off the top and discard the top.  Wipe it with a clean alcohol swap.  After cleaning avoid touching the top of the vial .  

Prepare your needle

Before you take insulin from the vial you will need to inject the same amount of air to avoid creating a vacuum.  Hold the syringe and pull the plunger, drawing air until it matches the amount of insulin you will be taking.

Inject the air into vial

To avoid a vacum inject the same amount of units you are using into the vial

Draw the insulin 

This step requires some practice to master.  Invert the vial with your non-dominant hand and use your dominant hand to draw back on the plunger.  Draw 2-3 units over .

Avoid drawing in bubbles

Bubbles will not hurt you but will make for an inaccurate drawing of insulin.

Tap the needle

while holding the needle upward, tap the syringe softly to dislodge any bubbles on the side or buttom of the syringe.

Push out any bubbles

Here is were pulling out a couple of extra units come in handy.  now you can push out any bubbles or extra insulin and set the plunger at the level you need.

Clean the skin

Avoid infections by cleaning you injection area with a fresh alcohol wipe.


Inject into the skin with the syringe straight, not on an angle.  Depress the plunger all the way and keep the needle under skin for at least 5 sec after finishing.  Take out the syringe and dispose ito a proper container.