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How to inject insulin

Insulin injections is simple if you follow the following instructions


1.  Have your vial and syringe ready on a clean uncluttered surface.  You'll also need alcohol swabs and a container to dispose of your used needles (an opaque container like a soda can will do).

2. Flip off the top of the vial (you only need to do this once since the top can not be replaced back on) and wipe it with a clean alcohol swap.  Avoid touching the top of the vial, or the needle in the syringe.

3.  You have to inject air into the vial to prevent forming a vacuum when you draw the insulin.  Hold your syringe and pull the plunger, drawing air until the top matches with the amount of insulin you will be taking. 

On the picture you see 40units.

4.  With the vial on the table, pierce through the center of the rubber top into the vial and depress the plunger all the way to inject the air.


5.  Invert the vial with your non-dominant hand (left if your right handed) while keeping the needle inside. Slowly draw back on the plunger until it reaches the amount needed.

6.  If you see bubbles in the syringe, draw 2-3 units extra, invert your needle and softly flick the syringe with your finger.  This will cause bubbles to move to the top.  Very carefully push in the plunger to the prescribed amount, discarding the bubbles and the extra 2-3 units.  

7.  Prepare the site where you will be injecting by wiping with alcohol.

8.   Pinch the skin gently and in one quick motion push the whole length of the needle straight through -not in an angle-.  Depress the plunger all the way, take the syringe out and dispose in a proper container.  

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