We are a private practice endocrinology group with offices in East Hartfort, Avon , Glastonbury. Enfield and South Windsor ,CT.

Jorge L Diez,MD

Adarsh Jha,MD

Joan Schwartz, APRN


Our main office is located in East Hartford 893 Main St . with easy access from i84,i90 and route 5.
Tel. 860-247-2137
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With the restrictions imposed by the COVID 19 virus we are offering telemedicine for at home virtual visits. 
We will be using a secure internet service : doxy.me.  You will be able to talk and see your practitioner.   Each provider will have an internet address that will direct you to the practitioner's waiting list. 
The calls will be charged as a visit throught your insurance.   
Contact our offices using our main number: 860-247-2137 to set up your virtual visit time.
The addresses are as follow (you can follow the link):
For Dr. Diez:  doxy.me/drdiez
For Dr. Jha:  doxy.me/drajha
For Joan Schwartz APRN :  doxy.me/joanschwartz

Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism 

  Endocrinology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the endocrine system and its specific secretions called hormones.

Hormones are molecules that act as signals from one type of cells to another. Most hormones reach their targets by the blood circulation.

Common Endocrine Conditions

Endocrine conditions can have effects on all parts of the body


That little old lady from Pasadena probably had osteoporosis.  Proper treatment will keep her using that super stocked Dodge pass her 90's. 


Thyroid conditions include problems with over and under production of T4 adn T3.  Thyroid nodules are found in over 30% of us. 


The Master Gland. This hazelnut sized gland controls most of the endoctine glands deep from the base of the brain. 

Male Health

Low Testosterone affect many males and its source should be found before treatment.
Breast enlargement -gynecomastia-is not only embarrazing but it can be dangerous. Learn more


The ovaries are potent producers of estrogen and also small but important amount of tetosterone and other hormones.  PCOS is one of the endocrine problems in women. 

Adrenal Conditions

2 small glands laying on top of your kidneys can pack a punch.  Did you know JFK had adrenal deficiency?


The 4 little cousins of the thyroid maintains the calcium levels in your blood.  When tey get mischievous they can cause kidney stones, loss of bone and serious health problems. 

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